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Zoe The Earless Kitten ''The Adoption''

Counting Kitties. Sarah Linx. There are many reasons kitties make this special sound—some of which researchers are still uncovering! A cat purr is a vibration. Vibrations happen at different speeds which make them higher or lower pitched. Some of these vibrations have been used by doctors as part of physical therapy for years.

Bone responds to Hz and skin and soft tissues to around Hz according to researchers. Marjan Debevere is a famous cat photographer who has photographed more than 3, shelter cats, and she knows a thing or two about cat purrs. Veterinarian Gary Weitzman shares that purring can be a form of communication.

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Susan Smith rescued a blind cat, Donny , that also suffers from a neurological condition known as cerebellar hyperplasia. This condition causes Donny to take a tumble or two when he tries to walk. But Donny is a real sweetheart, so Susan trained Donny to be a therapy cat! My story: My name is Claudette and it's nice to meet you!


I was rescued by St. Francis, along with my brother Clovis, from a very scary place where it wasn't safe for us. We have had a lot of fun in foster care, but foster mom says we are ready for our forever family. I really want a home with Clovis.

We are siblings and I'm the bold and sassy one and he's the more gentle one. I love to play, explore and climb! I also like a good snuggle. I have been exposed to small dogs abd and with a proper introduction, will be fine. I also am good with kids. I am an all around perfect kittens, with a handsome brother, looking for my family. Do we look like the kitties for you? Tell foster mom you want to meet us- we have lots of love, funny antics and entertainment to share with you!

Won't you purr-lease pick us?!

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My story: Hi My name is Canter and my foster mom says I'm a very sweet boy. My story: Hi My name is Poker and my foster mom says I'm a very sweet boy. I have 2 siblings that love to run around and play together. We love playing hide and seek, jumping up on the kitty cat tree and playing with our toys, but what I love the most is when I can lay on my foster mom's chest give out kisses and then go to sleep.

My name is Apollo. My foster mommy took me and my brother Jasper in so we would not have to live on the streets like our parents.. My story: I had a very rough start. I ended up at the PRC center and because I had a skin condition I was immediately put on the euthanized list. It was in the morning when foster dad saw the notice that I had until noon to find a rescue or I would be put down and he paniced.

I guess he has a soft heart for the little black kittens.

Blind Cat Wants To See His Mom - Animal in Crisis EP22

Foster dad immediately got my skin condition under control and soon realized I had a very bad cold and a eye infection. I heard foster dad say, he just loves giving eye ointment to a kitten that does not know him. I told my foster dad, no big deal, I know its for my own good so I was a good boy and took my medicine without complaint. I am all healed and I jump and play and I love to take a running jump and land on foster dads lap. I am very social and will be sad to leave but I am looking forward to my own home where I can have more play time with my parents. My story: Sweet Ryder was brought into our high kill shelter at 7 weeks old with an eye issue.

They gave him a few hours to find a rescue or face the room where no animal comes back out.

We were able to find a good samaritan foster for a while. When she was no longer able to care for him, Ryder joined my foster family. He is a small black and white boy with beautiful and unique marking.

Zoe The Earless Kitten ''The Adoption'' by Lexy Webb Melissa Webb

Ryder has had the eye examined several time. The cloudiness is a scar from a previous eye rupture. No treatment is needed and the scar may get smaller with time. He is a playful and a very loving boy. He wants me to tell people he is a great climber and loves to run as fast as he can. He hopes his new family will also let him sleep safe and snug in their bed at night. Please email me for more information about Ryder or any of his foster siblings.

My story: Hi My name is Dilan nd my foster mom says I'm a very sweet boy. We love playing hide and seek, jumping up on the kitty cat tree and playing with our toys, but what I love the most is when I can lay on my foster mom's chest where I can purr to my heart's content and then go to sleep. My story: Tygra and his siblings were rescued from a sewer that was flooding, hence they were named after the Thundercats! They were only a couple weeks old and not ready to be without their momma, so I bottle fed them for several weeks. Tygra and his big brother Lion-O are twins but Lion-O is a bit bigger.

Since they came to me so young and had to be bottle fed they think humans are their mommy. They love to be picked up for hugs and kisses.