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The Legend of Harajuku Goro's Vol. Through numerous photographs of gorgeously crafted pieces, this book showcases XML - Parliament. Parliament is the space where politics literally takes shape. Here, collective Karel Martens - Re-printed Matter Black and white edition. Karel Martens occupies an intriguing place in the current European landscape of art and design. His work is both personal and experimental, but also publicly answerable. Martens, a prolific book John Pawson - Anatomy of Minimum.

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In both format and content it offers a Karel Martens - Re-printed Matter. Weltall Erde Mensch Seemingly anxiety prone creatures will invite you or your childrens' Victor Papanek - The Politics of Design. Sein Hauptwerk, die erschienene Where Did Issey Come From?

The Work Of Issey Miyake. Japanese fashion designer Issey Miyake was born in Hiroshima and studied graphic design at the Tama Art University in Tokyo, graduating in Following that, he spent time in Paris and New York French graphic designer Olivier Lebrun follows on his previous publications documenting the books that appear in the popular cartoon television series with this anthology of more than images Issey Miyake: Exhibition.

Buen Camino. Thank you for sharing these most amazing photographs and experiences. I look forward to every single face book notification from you.

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From the bottom of my heart I thank you. Perhaps one day you will be hovering over Cape Town South Africa and you could take a photo. Das sind so echte und eindringliche Gedanken. Diese Gedanken sollten unsere Kinder lernen. Das wir Alle ein winziger Teil dies Ganzen sind. Und ja, vielleicht ist das auch der Grund, weswegen sich bisher keine fremde Spezies besucht hat. Bemerkenswerte Gedanken, die sehr zutreffen…. Von oben sieht man keine Grenzen. Kanns du wirklich nich sehen irgendwo dort oben ob ein andere ship unterwegs ist die nicht von der Erde kommt???

Ich hoffe du kanns meine frage beantworten…hier in N24 zeigen die immer Reportage davon aber alles nicht so genaueres der hat gesehen…die hat beobachtet …und der hat berichtet usw…aber die sehen meistens alleine oder abends…warum kommen die nicht am Tag? Sehr traurig aber wahr auf den Punkt gebracht! This is so inspiring.

Not only for what it means, but specially for not having anything to do with right or left wing, capitalism, communism, socialism or whatever-ism. What whoever nature, God, or whatever meant us to be. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with all of us down here.


Sad to say, but I completely agree with you. I hate how now-a-days everyone is more fixated on social media and stupid things like tweaking when 20 30 years ago it was the space race. I feel that humanity has lost sight of what is important and needs someone to put things into perspective. My boyfriend actually was the one who showed your twitter page to me. I read it everyday now. I just wish more people felt the same way you do.

Keep posting!

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Your voice is obviously heard from All corners of this gorgeous planet : have a good cycle up there. I hate how now-a-days everyone is more fixated on social media and stupid things like twerking when 20 30 years ago it was the space race. Du bist einer, der uns vereint! Alien explorers would be bewildered, even from some distance …. Auch meine Tochter ist begeistert. Bitte schreiben Sie ein Buch. These are turbulent times.

Be patient and come again soon. All you see is humans who share the same planet, living on the same landmass — destroying each other. Was bringt uns das Krieg? Warum in die Ferne schweifen? Wie antworten wir unseren Kindern oder Mitmenschen auf diese Frage? Hallo Alex! Dreht die Welt langsam durch oder was geht hier vor? Vielen Dank!

Many times we behave as the less evolved of the Earth species, so stupid to destroy itself and the environment in which live. Belas palavras. Alex, um deine frage eine antwort zu geben, sollte dir eine andere spezies zufliegen, sag ihnen das es uns leid tut aber wir noch nicht soweit sind! Alles Gute weiterhin! Keep up the good work. Just why would an advanced technological civilization share its secrets with a primitive society whose major activity judging by how its wealth is spent would certainly appear to be tribal warfare and for whom every new frontier is a new place to do battle?

Thank You all! Lets start changing our personal life, lets train consciousness, lets start loving ourselves truely, so love with spread amoung everyone, starting with our love. Lets ask for forgiveness, lets do our best, be example for others. Lets think energetically, lets bless any life always!!! I send all my love to You! In Gaza the streets are mostly parallel, the beach also is sandy and straight.

TIMELAPSE OF THE FUTURE: A Journey to the End of Time (4K)

Gaza is definitely in this photo. If you look along the bottom, where the coast is, all the way to the left the big blot is Tel Aviv. Moving to the right along the coast, the first small blob is Ashdod, the second small blob is Ashkelon, then the dim third small blob is Gaza city. About halfway between Gaza city blob and Ashkelon blob is the border of Israel and the Gaza strip.

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Hi Alex, I had understood that the photo featured the Gaza Strip only.