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Nazareth and Safed. The tour is available in English.

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Payment Options. Follow us. Subscribe to newsletter. Under the influence of Aaron Aaronsohn, the islamologist first expresses an enthusiastic friendliness toward the pioneers of Eretz Israel , in light of their agricultural accomplishments, making him wish for the successful establishment of the national Jewish Homeland in Palestine. To Massignon, coming to the realisation of the purity of Mary seems necessary to Jewish recognition in the spirit of the Patriarch, even more, a precondition to any possible peace.

Subsequently, he was one of the architects of the Faisal-Weizmann January Agreement which favored, as per the Balfour Declaration, the creation of a Jewish national Home within a Kingdom promised to the Arabs in recompense for their revolt against the Ottomans. Ultimately and for various reasons, both the French and the British prevented the realization of the project. In any case, the Arabs and the Zionists were far from unanimous in their support of the agreement. For Massignon, it was an Eastern problem: a problem that concerned Eastern politics. The Zionists clearly spelt out that the problem was one of national politics, but the Zionist question has constantly to be reconsidered according to a religious point of view, for the officials of all Eastern politics, are also officials of religious politics, political officials who are extremely intertwined, since there is no city that does not contain, side by side, representatives of different religions who are obliged to manage to live together.

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He was, without doubt, a Zionist, as from , the year when he met Chaim Weizmann, in Jerusalem. In s, he was almost alone in taking an interest in the Jewish National Home. This fervent Zionist introduced Massignon, among many other important figures, to the agricultural achievements of Palestine and explained to him his vision of the renaissance of Israel on its land, as well as the goals of Zionism.

The effect on Massignon was undeniable. Is this a deluding illusion? In many circles, it is seen as a fantasy that will not last. I disagree. Indeed, at a time when non-Jewish populations had no desire to work in the fields, can one suppose that a population, which has always worked in intellectual spheres and liberal professions, will agree to do so? I visited a colony where I saw Jews who had sacrificed a future in the liberal professions in order to work on the land.

Working the land is the foundation stone. If Jews are prepared to devote themselves to working on the land, Zionism will be established. I hope we will come to that. The facts proved this, as in a Jewish colony this was told to me by a Muslim where, for some ten years… it was during the heroic period… women, renouncing their predilection for finery, had no jewels because there were no Jewish jewelers: the women preferred to make this sacrifice in order to enable Jewish industrialists and traders in their community to make a livelihood.

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Articles sur Grand Mufti of Jerusalem

This attitude is interesting for it hides, beneath the external semblance of a boycott, an element of internal cohesiveness between the Jews of these colonies which we should not overlook. There is not one madman in the world who claims to be Jebusite, while there are thousands of people who say they are Zionists and who did not forget their ancestors who were driven out of Palestine.

They remember their dead and this is sufficient to create a right to return close to a tomb. Certainly not, answers Massignon:. What does he want to do in Palestine? Has he gone there with no intention of returning? If he has gone there simply for the refined pleasure of giving the illusion that he has two homelands, it is of no worth: if it is in order to devote himself completely to Zionism, it is of value, but those who wish to participate freely in the national life of Palestine must call themselves solely Palestinian.

Let those who love Jerusalem choose Jerusalem.

La Chandeleur: The day the French get superstitious and go crazy over crepes

Whatever the case, and this is a point which seems to me capital for social relations in the East, Zionism is and must remain the loyalty of Jews towards the Nations. What struck, by surprise, the minds of Eastern nations, was that the one whom we called a wandering Jew, the one who hawked everywhere the negation of homelands, wishes to become a pilgrim again and is distraught if he cannot be in Jerusalem.

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  8. This observation may be disagreeable to Eastern nations, certainly, but they cannot avoid making it. And it is up to us, Westerners, to arbitrate. Zionism has the right to demand external, international equality. Particularly, since the three rings are not totally identical and contain within them three different marks. You will not wrench Jerusalem away from Muslims because they believe too deeply that the Prophet was transported there in ecstasy, they believe too profoundly that they will be judged there.

    If so many Jews were involved in all the revolutions of the West, it was not out of the pleasure of taking revenge over Christians as the anti-Semites claim, but it is because the Jews have always nurtured, in the depths of their hearts, a crazy, invincible hope, of which Christians do not possess enough. A Jew has indefinite hope, it is intellectual, even financial, speculation pushed to the last degree.

    Le royaume de Jérusalem [Jean Richard, Le royaume latin de Jérusalem] - Persée

    He hopes for and against everything. And it is not by tricking this hope of Israel through skeptical ironies that you will resolve the Eastern problem. On the contrary, it is by maintaining and organizing this social hope according to equitable conventions and admissible bases that you will bring about an accord and peace in the East. It is the God of Abraham, of Isaac and of Jacob, the legislator of the Jewish nation, and Zion is the only city in the world where Israel can be reborn. This is true, it is right, and we Christians know why, because it is the city of the Resurrection, the resurrection of a Jewish man, who died for Israel, on whom our entire life is founded.

    Massignon tackles a problem as delicate as it is thorny. A national rather than a religious movement, eminently idealistic, which accounts for its strength and its weakness at the same time. The logistical considerations specified in the standard, which most able-bodied Canadians. Most of all, our volunteers are enthusiastic and excited to be a.

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