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She had been having a hard time for a while now and she started self medicating. She was a beautiful, young, strong woman. She was tierd, sad, mad, and everything else all in one.

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I ended up driving my dad back home. We ended up pulling up into the drive way and seen the garage door open and my dad got out of the car to walk to the front door.. Thats when i seen my mom hanging. I screamed for my dad to get her down. At the moment i called Everything went silent for a minute and then i started talking my dad thru CPR.

He did amazing. Listened to everything i said. He got a pulse back faint…. We later lost her at the hospital. Sometimes the room will go quiet in my head and all i will hear are all the sounds from that night. I have woken up covered in sweat since then.

I also had to break the news to my 12 year old brother right after losing her. I lost my older brother 63 years old. He went to collect rent from some tenants that were behind on thier rent. A 21 year old angry person stabbed my brother to death 8 times with a pair of scissors.

Grief After Traumatic Loss

He claims it was self defense but my brother had no weapons except a chair he held between him and his attacker. The murderer was between my brother and the front door. I can not believe he died such a violent death.


He was a kind person and had let this same troubled punk stay rent free for 2 months earlier in the year as he was in between jobs. He reports for piss tests and has failed to show for 2 and the court system still has not pulled his out on own recognition.

Everything has been very hard.

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  6. My Sister inlaw had cancer and we had to watch her go thru dying with out the comfort of my brother being there with her 6 months later. I had my Mother inlaw who lived with me also pass away from catching pneumonia 5 months after my brother was murdered. My Sisters and my Sister in laws family and I have had to deal with multiple property sales out of town and multiple days taken off work.

    My Great Grandma Haunting Me!!

    We have financially had to hire lawyers. That said and all what hurts most at this time is his murderer walks free for People in earlier comments are right the victim gets made out to be the wrong. My Brother smoked pot so that is out there. They also are trying to make my brother the bad person because he was trying to collect back rent.

    They refer to this not as a homicide but a rent dispute gone bad. You can paint it anyway you want to but when you are a 21 year old and you are attacking a 63 year old man and you stab him 8 times and you are near the exit door. They tried to say he was defending his domain. That was dropped when it came out that one of the renters that left and went to the bank to get the rent had invited him in to wait for him. So they were not in fear of thier life and my brother was not threatening. I can not wrap my head around why this punk killed my brother.

    I can except my Mother inlaws death as she lived a good long life. As painful as it was to lose my Sister inlaw she was no longer suffering the pain from her cancer and my brothers murder. I feel like everytime I except my brothers death at this piece of craps hands and my wound heals then we hear from the court that he will not except a plea bargain deal or he has not complied with court probation. It feels like some one ripping my scabs off my wound.

    I take care of my Mother who has alzheimers my sisters and I have not told her. It is hard on holidays she looks for him. I have not told her My Sister inlaw has passed away either and use the excuse she is sick and he is taking care of her. I may find closure. I have not gone to counseling as I have been busy talking care of everything. I feel for everyone going thru this pain in life it does feel like a hole in you that will never fill in. I have never had any violence in my life and it is something that does change your outlook on life. I had not spoken to or seen my ex in many years, but the circumstances surrounding his death continue to haunt me.

    I also am having a hard time explaining this all to my son. Thank you so much for this article. Keep at it! This tears my heart apart to read so much grief, pain and senseless loss!!! It seems insurmountable. My brother Tommy was killed at work; smothered by concrete powder. The negligence of his foreman, his workplace cutting corners, his complete willingness to do any and every job.

    I lost my oldest son Mauryon at 14 years old. I was at work about to get off when I got the frightening call.

    The Attic in the Basement - Creepypasta

    I rush from work to get home and I see yellow caution tape around my home. I screamed whattt happened to my son. What gun!!!! We never had a gun. It is still unclear where he got the gun from. My son said he seen him take it out of his book bag, so I figured he got it from someone at school, but no one has owned up to it yet. I hated that I needed to work because my children are young and still needs guidance. I have talked to my children about guns and literally everything else that could harm them.

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    But yet and still they get around kids in school and pick up bad ways and habits. I kiss him so much, he was the sweetest with a really kind heart. Me and my husband have 3 children 14,10 and 4.

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    This seems like a dream. I hardly have any support as my mother died 4 years ago and my father in I have 3 brothers 2 are distant and my youngest has been very supportive. My youngest son and daughter seen everything so we are all in grief counseling. I have turned to church and reading the Bible more.