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Spencer gets Cy back and begins battling with the Broodwarrior. During the battle, the Broodwarrior gets the upper hand and defeats Cy and Spencer. After getting bashed multiple times by the Broodwarrior's mace and severely damaging the suit, Cy is forced to eject Spencer out before going completely offline. Spencer covers the suit with scrap metal to hide it from the Broodwarrior, takes a piece of the suit and continues to fight the Broodwarrior, who was later trying to chase down Turbo.

Spencer confronts the Broodwarrior before getting chased himself and is suddenly cornered in a junked RV. Just when the Broodwarrior is about to dispose of Spencer, Turbo finds a control panel and activates the car crusher the RV is sitting in, revealing the chase into the RV to be part of a trap. Spencer escapes while the Broodwarrior is compressed along with the RV into a solid metal cube, killing the Broodwarrior.

What Ever Happened to Haley Joel Osment From 'The Sixth Sense' - ABC News

With the Broodwarrior now destroyed, they return to Cy but it appears they were too late to save him. After Cy and Spencer say goodbye to one another, the head alien soldier gives Spencer a badge for his bravery and courage before their departure back to their home-world, and the long, eventful night finally comes to an end. The next day at school, a now confident Spencer, with encouragement from his new friend Turbo, starts up a conversation with Michelle.

All tracks with the exception of the first two tracks were composed by Nicholas Pike. The soundtrack was released on compact disc by Sonic Images January 27, and further released for download through BSX Records January 29, with modified cover art. A prequel was released in comic book form, written by Manny Coto with art by John Stokes. It was published by Dark Horse Comics. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Theatrical release poster. Joseph Mazzello Richard Gilliland. Films directed by Manny Coto. Playroom Cover Up Dr. Categories : English-language films films s adventure films s superhero films Science fantasy films American films American children's adventure films American children's fantasy films Films about dysfunctional families Films set in Los Angeles Films shot in Los Angeles American independent films Superhero comedy films Teen superhero films American superhero films Films directed by Manny Coto Trimark Pictures films.

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What they all have in common, however, is that their fans always want to see what they're up to and how they've changed over the years. Here is what a number of famous child stars look like today.

Fair warning: You might not recognize some of them anymore! After that film's success, she really hit it big in the early s. In , after a string of TV appearances and video shorts, she made her way back to film. Unfortunately, that year was also the first time she was arrested for driving under the influence. With mandatory court appearances and house arrest to contend with, Lohan's career stalled.

She said it was the best thing she's ever done. Clearly, she's been keeping busy. Unfortunately, in September , she made headlines for posting a disturbing Instagram Live video , in which she followed a refugee family around, urging them to allow their two sons to stay at her hotel, and subsequently got knocked down by a concerned mother.

Needless to say, people have been worried about Lohan's mental health. Lohan is far from the only young female star to struggle after experiencing life as a child star, and no one knows that better than Amanda Bynes. In , Bynes made her debut on the Nickelodeon show All That, where her "Ask Ashley" sketch showed off her ability to play a range of emotions.

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But just when her career was at its peak, Bynes hit rock bottom. In , she retired and then unretired from acting. Between March and September of , she was arrested for two hit-and-runs, driving under the influence, and driving with a suspended license. In , she revealed via Twitter that she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Since then, she seems to be doing better and, in a June interview , Bynes, who'd studied fashion while away from the spotlight, said she is sober and ready to return to acting.

  • Karate Kid and Cobra Kai star Robert Garrison is dead at 59 after health struggle.
  • Amanda Bynes!
  • Endogenous Development: Networking, Innovation, Institutions and Cities (Routledge Studies in Development Economics);
  • Epine Noire Ou Comment on Devient Germaniste Roman (French Edition).
  • Keine Sau hat mich lieb 3: Serial Teil 3 (German Edition).
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  • No, he isn't dead. Oh, and he was in Michael Jackson's music video for "Black or White," after which the two became close friends and Culkin became the godfather to Jackson's kids. Then he kind of just disappeared, resurfacing briefly in the early s with a role in Saved!

    From to , he primarily voiced characters on Robot Chicken, and, beginning in , he put his focus on his band The Pizza Underground. Lucky for us, Culkin later signed on to star in Seth Green's Changeland.

    FBI: Stars Bribed Their Kids’ Way Into Top Schools

    While we wait for Culkin to further make a big-screen comeback, we'll just have to settle for the photos of him with his famous goddaughter, Paris Jackson. Mara Wilson is known for playing the adorable and precocious little girl in tons of '90s movies. From her role as the youngest daughter in 's Mrs. Doubtfire , the wise-beyond-her-years skeptic in 's Miracle on 34th Street , and the title character with telekinetic powers in 's Matilda , Wilson seemed poised to be the next big thing.

    Then she quit acting, officially retiring after her role in Thomas and the Magic Railroad in Instead of acting, she's been pursuing her passion for writing. She has also been vocal about her struggles with anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, and depression, and she is very active on Twitter , if you want to find out what she's up to next. Drew Barrymore's successful career has spanned so many decades, it's easy to forget she started as a child star. In , she stole hearts as the adorable little sister in E.

    English Language Teaching

    She then followed these films up with the horror film Cat's Eye. With more than 20 credited roles between and , it was her role in 's Scream that served as her second breakout gig. Now clean and sober, Barrymore has said that her battle with addiction has made her a better mom. These days, you can watch Barrymore on the horror-comedy series The Santa Clarita Diet , for which she also serves as an executive producer.

    You probably recognize Haley Joel Osment as the little boy who sees dead people in M. While The Sixth Sense netted him many awards and nominations , as did his role in AI: Artificial Intelligence , Osment spent the next several years after his role in Secondhand Lions primarily doing voice acting for TV shows and video games, including Kingdom Hearts. But it was landing the role of Amy Brookheimer in Veep alongside Julia Louis-Dreyfus starting in that has given Chlumsky her second big break.

    In fact, it is a scene in which Chlumsky's character goes off on Louis-Dreyfus' character that many call the greatest Veep scene ever.

    Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

    Tia and Tamera Mowry are twin sisters who took the '90s by storm with their hit sitcom Sister, Sister. The series premiered in , and, despite a network change, it continued until During that time the sisters also made appearances on episodes of Are You Afraid of the Dark? Tamera also appeared on the reality series Daytime Divas in addition to her role as a co-host on the syndicated talk show The Real , which she's been part of since it premiered in Miss seeing the Mowry sisters together? Have no fear! Tia told Wendy Williams that a Sister, Sister reboot is "closer than ever.

    And her career certainly didn't stop there. Ricci is one of the few stars who has consistently worked ever since her big break, with multiple acting credits nearly every single year since While she hasn't stopped acting, Ricci has said that since she got married and had a baby, her most important role now is a mom and that she's a completely different person than she was before she had her son.

    New ‘Stargirl’ Image Features Star-Spangled Kid & Stripesy

    You probably best know Jaleel White as Steve Urkel , the annoying, cheese-loving, nerd-next-door on Family Matters , but after nine years on the show, from to , White mostly made guest appearances on single episodes of TV series with occasional longer arcs here and there like his eight-episode run on Fake It Til You Make It. White clearly aims to show audiences everywhere that he's so much more than Urkel!

    If you didn't grow up in the '90s, chances are you may not know who Edward Furlong even is. Together with Arnold Schwarzenegger, they work to save themselves and the world from an evil cyborg. And it made Edward Furlong a certified '90s heartthrob. He was in all the girls' magazines at the time — you know, Teen Beat , Bop , and the like.

    Furlong followed T2 with mostly smaller movie roles and appeared in Aerosmith's music video for " Livin' on the Edge ".