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Gently and agreeably thrilling. A balance of brown-toned crosshatched drawings and full-color artwork adds to the easy flow of the action. A tale of make-believe that children will delight in hearing again and again. Hardcover —. Add to Cart. Also by Peter Bently. About Peter Bently Peter Bently attended ten schools around the world and studied languages at Oxford. Product Details. Inspired by Your Browsing History.

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Three folding maps, one folding plan, and two plates one folding. This collection is particularly important for its accounts of Ambrose Cowley, bane of the Spanish in the West Indies; and Bartholomew Sharp mentioned above , who was made captain by his fellow buccaneers and subsequently deposed by them a few years later.

The accounts focus mainly on the voyages along the coast of South America. Bell and B. Lintot, Five engraved folding maps. A classic first-hand account of buccaneering.

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Along with William Dampier, Captain Woodes Rogers led a privateering expedition to harry and capture Spanish ships and colonial possessions while England was at war with Spain. In the process they circumnavigated the globe and returned to England as national heroes. William Dampier, A collection of voyages. Over sixty charts and plates.

Jonathan A. Dampier was a careful record keeper, and returned from each voyage ready to publish an account of his exploits and discoveries.

Over forty engraved illustrations. After the great age of South Sea piracy and exploration, Burney put together the first really comprehensive history on the subject. Burney himself sailed with Captain Cook for the second and third voyages. Part IV of V was also printed separately as History of the buccaneers of America in in anticipation of the significantly higher interest in that particular subject. Taylor, The protagonist was based on Alexander Selkirk, who was famously marooned while sailing with the buccaneer William Dampier in Selkirk was in fact left behind after he had demanded to remain on the island during a fight with Dampier.

Published after enough time had passed to soften the edges of historical crimes, this Regency-era bestseller about a pirate leader named Conrad was perhaps the biggest single turning point in changing the historically-informed conception of pirates as vicious criminals into our modern conception of pirates as romantic outlaws.

Island hideaways!

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It sold out its entire 10, copy print run in a single day. Arthur Sullivan and W.

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The twentieth-century image of pirates owes a staggering amount to this adventure book. Pirates with a missing leg and a pet parrot? Neverland is full of pirates, and the Lost Boys must constantly be on guard against pirate attacks. This book is the first novel version of the Peter Pan story, which first debuted as a play in Peter Pan the character appeared even earlier — in The Little White Bird — as a baby only a week old. Compiled by Merle Johnson. With 36 full-page tipped in plates 12 color and more than two dozen vignettes by Howard Pyle.

The one illustrated book that every pirate collection needs.

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The first print run faced the difficult timing of Black Tuesday and the subsequent Great Depression. Steinbeck was a bit embarrassed by this early effort, but its scarcity especially in the original dust jacket and the reputation of its author make it a highly sought entry on the fictional side of pirate literature. Moreover, this list focuses primarily on the accounts of major ocean voyages that describe the exploits of the buccaneers especially Dampier and co. This list is by no means comprehensive, but these are the first three works to which I turn.

Joseph Sabin, Bibliotheca Americana: A dictionary of books relating to America from its discovery to the present time. New York: Piracy and Privateering. The Hill Collection of Pacific Voyages. Annotations by Jonathan A.

A General History of the Robberies & Murders of the Most Notorious Pirates | Folio Society

I have enjoyed the illustrations, now comes the reading, which I expect to enjoy too. Great article, Nadine. In pirate histories, they are two often cited for their impact on our popular imagination. A wonderful treasure trove of pirate origins and swashbuckling exploits. Well Done. Now that was fun and informative.