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Few mainstream romance novels describe spanking scenes with any detail at all, certainly not enough to satisfy those who have that interest. I think for most of these writers it's just the fact that it happens at all that is the important thing—an act of dominance. I've written quite a few romance short stories and novellas, and one thing I always do is to provide a satisfying description of the scene.


How much detail to provide is always a judgment call, but I find readers are keenly disappointed if it's given short shrift. This one was always my favorite. I know there are others out there but I could never remember who or what book to go back and find them… i always want to think Rosemary Rogers?

But I haven't found a spanking scene since I went back and looked. Your email address will not be published. So for a while there I was on a kick— trying to read every mainstream romance novel out there with a spanking scene. He sat down with his back against the tree and drew one leg up at the knee, resting his arm across it. Whitney reluctantly did as she was bidden and slid awkwardly down from Khan, stepped onto the boulder next to her, then gingerly to the ground.

She waited there beside her horse, enduring the icy blast of his gaze. It dawned on her that he was striving for control of his anger, and Whitney prayed be would gain it. His eyes raked over her, riveting on a spot just below her right hand. Following his stare, Whitney realized she still held the crop, it slid from her numbed fingers.

Whitney nodded, then winced at the blaze of fury her answer ignited in his hard features.

Romance for the Naughty in All of Us

You enjoyed it tremendously. And I think we can assume that besides riding and apologies, you also enjoy using the crop. How could she answer these questions?

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Whitney thought frantically. She flicked a glance at Khan, longing to flee. Whitney stayed where she was. She steeled herself to endure the rest of his verbal assault. She bent down and picked up the crop with shaking fingers.

Do we settle this between us now, or would you prefer that I take it up with him? Whitney frantically considered her choice: physical punishment meted out by this man whom she despised, or the mental anguish of reopening old hostilities with her father.

Is Spanking Romantic? | Jennifer Lyon

Her choice was really no choice at all. Rather than give her tormentor the satisfaction of seeing her quaking fear, Whitney reverted to an old girlhood habit of putting her chin up and assuming an appearance of remote indifference. Haughtily, she walked over and held the crop out to him like a queen bestowing the sword of knighthood, her disdainful green eyes clashing with his icy gray ones. I've read some of these but not all and I have no idea how you hear of so many books and read them all!! You're just really fast I think. I like this series!! Keep it up!! Love this list. The Session was reissued under another of the author's pen names Colleen Singer.

It is a great one. There are a few new ones on here I haven't read. The sixth time her body jerked and a strangled cry wrenched from her. He grasped her roughly by the shoulders and turned her in his arms to sit across his lap. Whitney tried to pull away, but his arms tightened, and his hand lifted to hold her face pressed to his chest. Her ribs heaved and scalding tears raced down her cheeks, soaking through the front of his shirt as she wept, more from impotent fury than from pain.

As if he were soothing a child, he began to stroke her hair. Whitney angrily shoved his hand away, but he ignored her and continued. The minutes passed, and Whitney had just gotten control of herself when his hand touched her chin, tipping her face up to his. It registered on Whitney that there was neither triumph nor satisfaction on his face and, since she could find nothing else in his expression to stoke the flames of her animosity, she looked away, staring fixedly off to the left, occasionally wiping at her tear-streaked face with her fingertips. He was right: she was bitterly angry with herself for what she had done even if her regret was more for the sake of the horse than the man.

My favorite spanking scene: an excerpt from Unexpected Consequences

Whenever she had apologized to her father, he had listened and then launched into a fresh tirade about her misbehavior, and Whitney had expected about the same from Clayton. She stared at him, hardly able to believe what she saw and felt. His gray eyes were full of warmth, and he was smiling at her with gentle understanding.

Suddenly, Whitney felt as if they were the best, the closest, of friends-as if there was some special bond between them now. The feeling stunned her, then surged through her, sweeping everything away in its path. His lips came down to caress hers in a long, tender, undemanding kiss. Comments Yep,I too remember that one!

I like Judith McNaught too, and the scene you copied was great! Yea, and the ones I think are better aren't mentioned!

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    alexacmobil.com/components/vibimiti/tovu-come-recuperare.php I loved this book, and spanking. Not at all PC but very good. That was great. Never read the book but heard so much about that scene. Very well done, I agree. I really enjoyed that, thank you so much for sharing!

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