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Solomon offered 22, oxen and , sheep as sacrifices of well-being to the LORD. For it was there that he presented the burnt offerings, the meal offerings, and the fat parts of the offerings of well-being, because the bronze altar that was before the LORD was too small to hold the burnt offerings, the meal offerings, and the fat parts of the offerings of well-being.

Solomon's Temple

On the eight day he let the people go. They bade the king good-bye and went to their homes, joyful and glad of heart over all the goodness that the LORD had shown to His servant David and His people Israel. Shabbat Prayers. More Holidays.

Phoenician Design of King Solomon's Temple

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Here ancient Jerusalemites would have gathered around the wall's city gate to trade, settle disputes via street-side judges, engage in ritual practices, and stock up on water and supplies for treks out of the city, Mazar said. Tel Aviv University archaeologist Israel Finkelstein, who was not involved in the excavation, agrees that it's possible King Solomon constructed the wall.

But Finkelstein cautioned against leaning too heavily on the Bible to interpret the findings.

Familiarity with religious or historic texts connected to any given site is important, he said, but their usefulness can vary. Each has its own characteristics, each needs to be approached differently," he said. What are its goals and its ideology?

Brazilian church, built to look like Solomon’s Temple, to house Holocaust museum

Why was it written? For her part, Mazar believes it's natural for archaeologists excavating in the Holy Land to consult with biblical texts along with other ancient documents.

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Read Caption. Pictured on February 22, a newly excavated Jerusalem site includes a wall claimed to have been built by the biblical King Solomon. A 3,year-old defensive wall might be unprecedented archaeological support for a Bible passage on King Solomon.

Reconstructing the Features of Solomon’s Temple

Bearing Out a Bible Passage? Ancient artifacts found in and around the complex pointed Mazar to the tenth-century B. How Reliable Is the Bible? Continue Reading.