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Guest houses in the fort and budget hotels in town continue to lure backpackers and tourists from neighbouring Gujarat. Suryagarh, however, is a game changer, unfolding like a dream in the arid desert, beckoning high-end tourists to enfold themselves in the pomp and pageantry of old Rajputana.

This is no wannabe fort but is as close to the real McCoy as a modern-day fortress could be, down to the sati handprints on the walls of the entrance. In old forts these signify the handprints of women who committed sati when their men died in battle. Built with Jaisalmer's honey-gold sandstone, the exterior is aflutter with orange flags and banners, the interior spaces strewn with period pieces — carved doors, treasure chests and antique lamps.

There is a tasteful mingling of the past with 21st century trimmings in the long yellow-tiled corridors and the ochre-coloured walls hung with period paintings. Its 62 rooms are opulently furnished and come with all the mod cons while interior courtyards, numerous terraces and viewpoints lasso views of the Thar, spread like a dusty skirt around the fort. We savoured al fresco dinners, drinks in the colonial-style bar, cultural performances in the amphitheatre and even a High Tea on a lonely sand dune.

As we lay back against thick bolsters like oriental potentates, shielded from a wan wintry sun by an orange canopy, a local strummed his ravan hatta , the achingly sweet melody riding the cold desert air. The High Tea in the desert had a surreal quality — cucumber sandwiches, cookies, and chicken satays accompanied by steaming hot cups of tea. In the distance, the soft sand spiraled like a mushroom cloud, our caparisoned camels presented their proud profiles for a picture even as we pondered at the strangeness of it all.

Sheer luxury in the desert; the music of silence, the vastness of seemingly endless spaces… Was it our imagination or was that a camel caravan of yore, lurching its way across the horizon, plying the Spice Route between the East and the West? The nearest airport is at Jodhpur km.

Jaisalmer has its own railway station. By way of accommodation, there are a number of options including old havelis converted into hotels, State tourism lodges, small hotels within the fort, tented camps near the dunes outside the city and Suryagarh, the town's only five-star resort. Already have an account? Sign in. Sign up for a day free trial. Sign Up. Find mobile-friendly version of articles from the day's newspaper in one easy-to-read list.

Secrets in the Sand

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Our plans enhance your reading experience. Why you should pay for quality journalism - Click to know more. Photo: Gustasp and Jeroo Irani. It's an unscripted pageant with forts, architecture, cultural influence and a tasteful mingling of the past with the present. Gustasp and Jeroo Irani explore Jaisalmer. Wares on display All this is overlaid with the thick smell of commerce for everyone seems to be buying or selling something — multi-hued rugs, carpets, silver jewellery, curios — all of it glinting in the sun like a yawning Alladin's cave of treasure.

Fact file The nearest airport is at Jodhpur km.

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Collecting rocks and even sand can also get you in trouble with the law! Here are a few examples. In an interview after the book's publication, the author said he had picked up a few pebbles from said beach in southern England and taken them home. He later apologized and returned the stones. Taking home rocks from Turkey can get you fined and even jailed.

A few years back, a German man spent several weeks in jail because his son tried to take home a plain rock as a souvenir. Why the fuss? Turkey has strict laws protecting its cultural and natural heritage and it was and is virtually impossible to prove that the rock in your suitcase didn't come from an ancient archaeological site. It doesn't have to be rocks that you're collecting — sand can get you in trouble as well.

Online trading site eBay recently took down several listings offering sand from America's 50th state, Hawaii. Visitors were so fond of Sardinia's beaches that many of them collected sand as a souvenir. In the summer of the authorities confiscated 5 tons of sand in the luggage of tourists in just three months — at just one of the island's airports!

The rules are even stricter on Boracay in the Philippines. Forget taking sand home — on this gorgeous tropical island, you're not even allowed to collect it.

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South Africa has a broad range of regulations governing how visitors may enjoy its public beaches. Fishing, open fires, bringing dogs: there are detailed rules for everything.

It's forbidden to remove rocks or sand from the beaches as well as to "excavate, or tunnel in the sand or cause any substantial movement of sand. As investment in hydropower and construction projects ramp up, ecosystems and communities along Southeast Asia's longest river are paying the price. Taking rocks or sand home after a beach vacation may seem harmless but can destroy your holiday paradise. It's often illegal, too.

In some places, the fines are huge and you could even go to prison.

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Rising sea levels are eating away at Senegal's sandy coast - and the poorest are the first to suffer. Many coastal dwellers are losing their homes and livelihoods. But neither they nor the state can stop the tides. Sand seems to be in limitless supply — but we are going through it faster than almost any other resource on the planet.

What happens when the sand runs out? Anxious gas and oil workers in Canada have demanded an end to what they see as job-killing anti-pipeline policies. But Ottawa faces a dilemma: How to balance job security for those workers while fighting climate change?

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  4. Audio fingerprinting: The secrets of sand begin to emerge.

Sparks of optimism Singing sand may not be ready to top the charts, but it sparks optimism in those working to bring attention to the environmental and ecological implications of sand extraction. Beach nourishment is essential to the Netherlands' fight against the sea. Qatar is looking for sand imports to meet World Cup construction deadlines. Singapore has stockpiled more sand since its neighbors banned exports. Dams and sand mining threaten integrity of lower Mekong As investment in hydropower and construction projects ramp up, ecosystems and communities along Southeast Asia's longest river are paying the price.

In prison for a pebble Taking rocks or sand home after a beach vacation may seem harmless but can destroy your holiday paradise. Applied Acoustics: The sound of the sand from the Dutch shores. UNEP: Report on sand sustainability. Ulster University: Prof. Andrew Cooper. Lufthansa Cargo: Flying Sand to deserts.

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