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The fire department was ealled to Madison street yesterday where the Whlt-telsey Commercial company does business. There was no loss. The cause of fire is not known. It is the same play that Topeka people naid as high as S3 a seat to see Bernhardt give in French at the Auditorium. Vinewood will be formally" opened for the summer tomorrow For the last two Sundays cars have been run part of the day o the park but none of the amusement features were in operation.

Voorhls-was painfully, although not seriously, injured in a street car accident In Kansas City on Wednesday. In company with a friend she had boarded the car and was on ber way to a seat when the car started.

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The motor-man turned on the current too suddenly and -the car lurched forward throwing Mrs. Voorhis to the floor. She started to rise, when the car suddenly Quickened its speed and she was thrown down again and through the rear door of the car to the rear platform. Millions Can be Saved by - ' Short Method. Benjamin Andrews, president of the University of Nebraska, who' served as a Judge at the inter-state oratorical ' contest last night arrived in town several hours previous. It will be remembered that Mr. For instance such words as thought, programme, prologue, etc.

All of these words cari be cut down by simplified spelling from ten to fifty per cent without effecting any ambiguity in their use. In sympathy with the movement since It first originated and for four years. To printers and newspaper men this means a great deal. Not only v does It represent a saving of time but ,', it is a saving of money as well In the matter of Ink and paper.

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Lincoln, U very remarked. When they hear H of a cyclone in Kansas the naners tell it as it the whole state had been, blown to pieces. But the time has about come when these people can not help but take notice. The reports of our bank commissioners are astonishing them. Our shipments of surplus products and the high standard of our live stock is causing them to realise that there to something to this country after all. Heo was finally recaptured and Is now In V the Jail wearing what the officers call "jewelry-. The "Jewelry" in this case Is a large ball and chain.

McMellin ' was convicted a few days ago of stealing S3 from W. He was fined ten dollars for this and was working out his fine at the time of his escape. About 2 o'clock the patrol wagan was called to the Santa Fe depot and by some - mistake the doors of the stable, in which the horses and wagon are kept were left opeir allowing the prisoners on the rock pile to see Into the street This glimpse v f the outside world was too much for IcMellm and when R.

Boyd, who has charge of the 'workers" stepped to the Then the club wiU hold a reception at the club house for friends and guests of the members. The wires for light and power ser vice are expected to reach the tlub house by, the middle of next week and when that is accomplished - the club's dining room will be opened. The club's private pumping service for supplying the club house v with running water can not be operated until the club house is supplied with, electricity.

From the Ottawa Herald.

A two-Inch augur, propelled by two men. Is solving the water question out n the flats west f twn. In a general way the augur seems t be slving the questln in the direction of.

In many of the wells water struck at a depth of thirteen feet has risen to within three feet of the top of the hole, when the main gravel bed was encounterd, and this may mean a higher source of supply, some where, of a larger body of water. But In the main the experiment seems to be showing that the gravel is in pockets, and that the water supply comes from seepage down fro ' mthe surface. Four teen wells have so far been drilled under the direction of City Engineer Myers.

These wells cover in general the expanse of the Sheldon pasture, west of the Robinson tract, upon which It Is proposed to locate 'the water plant. The wells range in depth from 18 to ,22, feet,.

Gravel averages in thickness two feet, though some deposits are four and a half feet in depth, This thickest deposit, however, was struck on high ground, and the location would not be available for use as wells, tl has been found that an up-cropping of rock divides the gravel field between the Roblrisbn tract and the windmill on the Beeler tract, where the phenomenal water deposit was struck in.

Wilkinson and Claud Pugh are "operating the drill and keeping the record of the wells. They are able to dfrfll four "wells a day, by using a common auger used by carpenters. This 'is placed at the end of various lengths of gas pipe, for which an ingenious support has been arranged by the drillers in order jto. An Atchison Joke on Topeka. From the Atchison Globe. Entering the drug store, they walked up to the soda fountain, which was near a big. From the Lamed Tiller and Toiler. Investigate ghe found his little race horse had been saddled and bridled and taken from the barn, together with a team of draft horses.

Housed in a former tile warehouse, the "Camp des Milles" became a place of detention and internment in September Between and , more than 10, people were housed there, including many artists who fled the Third Reich. The ''starchitect'' winery Chateau La Coste, ten minutes north of Aix, often has special events so check their website for details. Over artists present their work. The Musee Granet often hosts major exhibits.

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T he 34th annual Fete du Livre takes place in Aix Oct 12 to 15, The evenings are informative but mainly social. The meetings are generally held the 3rd Thursday of the month, from 7 to 10 pm. For info contact Ilia Kalogroulis at iliak bigfoot. Various discussions are lead about overall topics of interest, technology news, websites and general questions and answers.

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For further information on the club and joining the AAGP please contact 04 42 26 91 There are always interesting events at Book in Bar, the English-language bookstore and cafe. Magic Festival, March, The finest international magicians and illusionists performing. And then there are the after parties, just like you'd expect in a town like Antibes, with many hosted on board the yachts themselves. Luberon Jazz Festival will not be held in It usually features the new generation of French jazz musicians and numerous regional musical treasures.

Plus, plenty of European and African discoveries too.

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Check back for! For all the info, click here. Provence Prestige is an large and lovely indoor holiday market featuring all local products: Easter Festival Feria du Pacques , April, Bullfights and bull games in the Arena and lots of other activities around town. It's a tasting and sale of food and beverages grown or made in the Camargue or the Provence Pays d'Arles.

Wine, olive oil, sauces, sweets, cheese, vegetables and much more. For the schedule or to sign up for the newsletter: There's always some great on at the Musee Reattu.

Elsevier's Dictionary of Art History Terms: French English-English French

Check the schedule and get on their mailing list. The Musee Departemental Arles Antiques the big blue museum has too many good things coming up to list here. On permanent exhibit is the chaland, the year-old Roman barge pulled from the depths of the Rhone and restored.

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Read about it here. And the first Wednesday of every month, also on the Place des Lices, there's a large brocante flea market. There are always interesting things happening at the Theatre de la Calade.

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Many of the performances are theatrical and happen in French. But there are also music and dance performances that non-French-speakers would love. Fete des Gardians or Feast of the Shepherds, May This popular annual event celebrates the anniversary of the founding of the ancient brotherhood of the herdsmen cowboys of St.

It's the oldest brotherhood that's still active. After the parade, the cowboys gather to salute the statue of Frederic Mistral on the Place du Forum. There's a blessing and a Mass in honor of St.