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  4. Poseidon, Greek god of the sea, floods and earthquakes.

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Defy gravity on a six-seater tube, as you zoom up the 14m-high wall at breathtaking angles. Grab a board for the ride of a lifetime on the Surf's Up Wave Rider, our state-of-the-art wave machine. Minos, who of course wanted to conceal the product of his wife's adulterous bestiality, consulted oracles and was told to have Daidalos build an enormous maze, the Labyrinth, and to put the Minotaur in its center from which no one could find the way out.

Meanwhile the Minotaur's father, the bull that had been sent by Poseidon, was captured by Herakles for his seventh labor and taken to Eurystheus. After its release the bull wandered around Greece and eventually came to Marathon near Athens.

At this time king Aigeus of Athens was holding athletic games during the Panathenean festival, and Minos's son Androgeos came to compete and won all the events. Aigeus then sent Androgeos to fight the bull at Marathon, but the bull killed him others said that Androgeos was killed by jealous competitors as he travelled to Thebes for other games in honor of king Laios. When Minos heard of the death of his son, he was on the island Paros sacrificing to the Charites the three Graces. He returned to Crete, assembled his fleet, and sailed to Athens to gain revenge for his son's death.

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First he conquered Megara, whose king Nisos had a magic purple hair on his head which made him immortal; Nisos' daughter Skylla fell in love with Minos and pulled the hair out of her father's head, and then Minos killed Nisos and repaid Skylla by drowning her. Minos now invaded Athens, and the war dragged on for some time. In response to Minos' prayer, his father Zeus afflicted Athens with plague and famine, but the Athenians overcame this by sacrificing the four daughters of Hyakinthos at the tomb of the Kyklops Geraistos.

The Athenians then learned from an oracle that their only hope was to pay whatever tribute Minos would demand, and Minos ordered Athens to send to Crete every year or every nine years seven young men and seven maidens to be eaten by the Minotaur. Medeia, who was staying with Aigeus at this time, warned Aigeus to beware of the stranger, so Aigeus sent Theseus to fight the bull at Marathon, figuring that Theseus would die as Androgeos had died earlier. However Theseus killed the bull and then, after his father recognized him, volunteered to be included in the third tribute sent as food for the Minotaur.

When the fourteen Athenian youths arrived in Crete, Minos' daughter Ariadne fell in love with Theseus and asked Daidalos how she might save him.


Daidalos told her that Theseus would have to fight the Minotaur, but that he could escape from the labyrinth by taking a ball of thread with him, tieing one end of the thread to the entrance, unwinding the thread as he went through the maze, and then following the thread on his way out. Theseus entered the labyrinth and did as Daidalos had advised.

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  • When he reached the center, he met the Minotaur and killed it with his fists, then fled from Crete with the other youths and with Ariadne, as he had promised her. When Theseus reached the island of Naxos, he abandoned Ariadne while she slept, but she was rescued by the god Dionysos, who became her lover.

    Cretan Bull

    The people of Cyprus said that Ariadne came with Theseus to their island, then died of grief when Theseus' ship was carried off by storms. She subsequently was worshipped as a goddess in the sacred grove of Aphrodite Ariadne. It is certainly possible that Ariadne was originally a goddess, a Cretan version of Aphrodite, and her cult was important not only on Cyprus but also, apparently, in Macedonia, where portrayals of Ariadne and Dionysos appear frequently in the art of the royal dynasty.