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Save money. Curacao is the least expensive of the big 3 licensing options. Save time.

Online Gambling Regulations and the Role of Licensing Authorities

The license is easy to get. A fast and logical procedure. Keep your site humming for years with low annual fees and little paperwork. Benefit from innovative IT infrastructure that runs your website without down-time. Do business under modern, compliant, well written and fair regulations written by people from- or trained in the Netherlands. What is the Curacao E-Gaming Licence? Since , Curacao E-Gaming has proudly served some of the most highly regarded E-Gaming operators and providers of services.

The island has an unique status as part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

It offers the regulatory benefits of the EU, without being a part of the EU. Unlike other countries, Curacao offers one E-Gaming license that covers everything.

The types of online casino licenses

There is no need to apply for various types of licenses for different operators, software providers and network providers. The Curacao E-Gaming IP license covers all forms of electronic gaming including games and services of skill, chance, betting, lotteries and casinos. We present below an overview of the most popular E-Gaming services: Types of products you can offer under this license: Online casino games roulette, blackjack, slots - as examples Sports betting Peer to peer games poker, backgammon, Mah-jong, etc. However, we advise all our clients to start a company in one of the free zones on the island.

The first step is to complete a pre-approval form. You must provide basic information about your proposed activities. This process will take approximately days. Step 2. An application form is submitted with the supporting documents to the Curacao E-Gaming authority together with the license fee.

Step 3. Once we get an initial pre-approval, we proceed to incorporate the e-Zone company through an authorised E-Gaming services provider. Permission to create a gambling business is usually valid only in the country which has issued a license, so large casinos need to acquire several gambling licenses in different countries to gain access to new players.

Gaming companies in Costa Rica

Every country imposes taxes on gambling business independently, and certain jurisdictions are more interested in making the process of obtaining a license easier. Slotegrator will help you to learn more about the top jurisdictions where obtaining a license is worth considering. Currently, Kahnawake issues three different types of licenses, including the Interactive Gaming License which allows operators to host their own servers.

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Also, there is a Key Person License which is necessary for people holding administrative positions in gambling companies. After the gambling legalization, Maine has created one of the strictest industry regulations in the world. Belgium is one of the first European countries which legalized gambling. Today it is a very attractive destination to start a business due to its clear legislation and constant monitoring of gambling activities. However, licenses are issued by the Danish Tax Administration, which makes the process complicated as it conducts various inspections frequently. Curacao gives permission to handle all kinds of gambling activities and has been issuing licenses since With the help of modern software, local authorities manage to solve any technical issues that may arise during cooperation.

There are no gambling licenses in Costa Rica.


Every entrepreneur can have permission to transfer data and engage in any kind of gambling business. However, this permission is not recognized by most banks and game developers around the world. Italy allowed AAMS commission to monopolize the control over the gaming industry in Currently, it is an online casino license provider in the country, and it controls all processes related to obtaining permission for gambling business.

Rivers Casino, 8 Others Apply For Online Gambling License

The Estonian government decided to legalize gambling business after experiencing the economic crisis in Today, each type of gambling activities is subject to an individual tax. UKGC is the local gaming control authority.

After receiving permission, operators are able to offer all types of gambling activities to players from the United Kingdom. Alderney allows operators to accept bets from players from any country. Control authorities differentiate between the casino owner and the software provider, so it is necessary to get two separate permissions.

This country has an internationally recognized gaming industry control body. Maltese commission is strict but the most loyal to players. Casinos which manage to get the gambling license on Malta, automatically become top companies in the industry.

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Control authorities supervise the reliability of payments and protection of personal information, as well as resolve disputes between players and casinos. Most of the time if the cost of the license is relatively small, there are strict document requirements. Slotegrator helps operators with all the legal issues which may arise.

Our primary objective is to start a successful online project, supervise its development, and ensure maximum return on investment for our clients. We provide all necessary support during the development of the online project. Request a tailored offer for online casino development by filling in the application form.


Get a online Gambling License - cost casino license from Slotegrator

Slotegrator helps to prepare all the documents required by any jurisdiction to get permission to start a gambling business and buy an online casino license. Obtaining a license for an online casino can be done in 3 simple steps:. Our experts will answer any questions related to obtaining a gambling license.

We will also create a step-by-step plan to legally register a casino in the chosen country. Apart from collecting the necessary documents, obtaining a license also includes fulfilling certain compliance requirements. Slotegrator assists in the preparation of the required documentation. This allows the players to make deposits with various currencies through numerous payment methods.