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And breakups are never easy. It takes some people months — even years — before they can really get over a breakup.

Let Go - DeWayne Woods

Relationships are inherently complex after all and all situations are always going to carry a sense of uniqueness about them. Therese just thought that 3 years was far too long of a relationship to just throw down the drain. For Rachel, she was just so used to being misunderstood by everyone. Cheating is a big no-no in any kind of relationship. But Isabelle was too desperate.

When It’s Time To Let Go Of The “Friend” Ex

She thought that he would eventually change for her. She kept on giving him second chances. But he never did; and she still hopes that he will in time. Many people think love should only be associated with pleasant emotions. And you understand the presence of this need by how unpleasant it feels.

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The thought of losing this person hurts you. Our love is what it is because it has history.

Love has memories. Love is quite literally the result of both pleasant and unpleasant emotional experiences.

Of course, there is more to love than emotions. If we stop exciting each other, we'll feel like we've fallen out of love. The relationship begins to get wobbly. Instead of making us smile, this person now makes us cry.