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I gave up eating garlic and onion while making them, and I would only begin work after taking a bath. Ravinder Singh, whose mother fasts for 36 hours during the Chhath, says, "We consider earthen stoves pure and it is an age-old tradition to prepare cooked offerings for Chhath. We are thankful to the Muslim families who make and sell these stoves to us. Sanjay Kumar, a central government employee, says that the hand-made stoves are actually a rare commodity in urban centres like Patna. Several Muslims make earthen stoves in Bihar for Chhath Puja.

Photograph: M I Khan. Earthen stoves displayed along a road during the festival. Print this article. Dera chief Ram Rahim withdraws parole plea. Cong CMs meet Rahul, urge him to continue as president.

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Gas Stoves & Ovens : How to Fix a Gas Line Behind the Stove

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Your Comments. We never used to have any problems with it until we painted the wall around it with a mould resistant paint as we was getting a bubbling yellow mould type thing on the walls around it.

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TTen - Wood-burning stoves

Ever since we done this, when lighting the fire and once it gets hot it gives off a very strong plastic burning smell…could this be caused by the mould resistant paint we used? Also, could this be the reason for the yellow bubbling on the walls? Thank you Laura. Yes the smell most likely is the paint. From what you have said the fire has not been installed correctly in the space it is in and is getting the surrounding walls and surfaces too hot, this is also the most likely cause of the yellow blistering of your first paint not mould.

The fire is heating up the painted surfaces and causing them to discolour yellowing and then getting so hot the paint is blistering. Not a good situation and you would be advised to not use the fire again until all paint has been removed back down to a bare substrate. We would then suggest getting a professional local installer out to check the installation of your fire and its surrounding to advise on a steps that need to be taken to make it safe to use again. I have a bio-ethanol fireplace that sits inside a large letterbox cavity in a converted brick chimney. The interior is built from fire-resistant cement board with marble tiles on the back, but we have used fire-resistant plaster from VITCAS on either side.

The heat-resistant paint I have used so far seems to be absorbed into the plaster leaving a disappointing finish. Can you recommend a primer suitable to be painted onto the fire-resistant plaster that can then be painted over afterwards with heat-resistant paint? Which of your paints would you recommend painting onto heat-resistant plaster for use with a bio-ethanol firebox? In response to both of your questions, if we understand the enquiry correctly, it is the plaster not facing the stove which needs to be painted.

The most suitable paint for this sort of situation depends on the temperature the plaster will get up to during use. If the plaster gets quite warm but you can still touch it then Zinsser Bulls Eye RAL Traffic Grey can be used to prime and seal the surface followed by 2 coats of a durable satin black water based finish such as Zinsser AllCoat Exterior Satin in Black. The burner can get up to degrees. You will have to use one of the heat resistant paints for this sort of temperature, something like Blackfriar High-Heat Resistant Paint should be OK to use but we would recommend testing a small area first to ensure you are happy with the appearance.

We had a 70s style tiled surround and hearth to our fireplace and we have had the hearth removed, slate laid and a woodstove fitted. The original tile surround is still in place and the stove sits in front of it. Can you recommend a paint for this?

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Hi, can I apply the Zinsser Bulls Eye directly to brick. I have just opened up an old fireplace and put in a burner. The bricks inside the hearth are very sooty and so I want to paint them but was told I would have to first apply an inhibitor to stop staining coming through. Thanks, Hazel. Please note that the following advice is based upon the assumption that the surfaces the following products may be applied to will not be subject to high temperatures:.

Heat shields and distance to combustibles for wood burning stoves

Note It is advisable not to wash the surface as you will then have to wait for any dampness to completely dry out before applying the Zinsser B-I-N. If Zinsser B-I-N is applied to a damp surface you can get staining coming through the primer. Many thanks for the quick reply and advice Mark. The surface I need to apply it to is the walls of the chimney and although not in contact with the wood burner stove will be quite close to it so I would imagine get quite hot.

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Would it still be okay to use Zinsser B? Firstly thanks for your informative post and time taken to answer the many questions you have been posed. My circumstance is that with the purchase of a property I have inherited a slow combustion heater that is installed in an existing brick fireplace. The heat coming from the fire is immense and it is heating the paint on above it, emitting a noxious smell. I am certain it is standard low quality house paint that has been used.

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  • I have ceased using the fire until I can figure out how to remove the paint- a quick look over the internet seems to indicate a lot of paint strippers contain harmful chemicals and I would be worried about the difficulty of removing the paint stripper from masonry inside a home. Thanks for your comment. We have a gas stove free-standing fireplace and I touched up the top of it with regular rust-oleum black spray paint.

    Should I remove this, and if so how? Or could I repaint it with a rust-oleum heat resistant or flame-retardent paint? I would like to paint these boards. Which of your paints would you recommend? Thanks for your advice. Regards Dympna. At the moment we have plaster board on the walls and ceiling, can we paint the wall behind and ceiling with fire proof paint or would you recommend fire proof plaster board? This would certainly be a job for fire rated board instead of paint, but we would advise requesting a visit from a local authority to advise on your situation as positioning a multi fuel stove under a means of escape would not be recommended.

    Hi We had a Tiger wood burner fitted in May. He has the original fireplace in which we have got an chimney balloon in. But the back bricks of the fireplace recess I painted with black bitumen paint.

    Kitchen Backsplash Behind a Stove

    Is it possible that these areheating up when the fire is on to make the smell? Our advice would be to seek out local expert advice immediately — it does sound like it might be the bitumen smelling, but before you use the fire again you should have is professionally inspected to rule out any risk to health and property. Hi i have multifuel stove, back wall is exposed stone, sides have been plastered and painted, i want to paint the back wall, either seal the stone or bond it put sand and cement on and paint it, can you advise?

    We have had an LPG stove fitted in our Bungalow, the Decorator has papered inside and behind Stove and emulsioned , when the fire is lit we are getting an unusual smell, my Husband thinks is the paper getting too hot, would heat resistant paint do the trick or would you recommend the paper to come off. Yes, the paper must be removed.

    How Heat Shields Protect Your Home

    Please do not try to cover the paper with a heat resistant paint. If you require some advice on decorating safely around the stove once the paper has been removed, please keep in contact here or on our Facebook page. Painting the Walls around a Fireplace or Multi Fuel Stove Within this post Rawlins Paints will be looking at common problems faced when painting fireplaces and around multi-fuel stoves. Painting a Fireplace and Around a Stove — Solutions The best advice we can give to paint fireplace recesses is to not do it if you are unsure whether the stove has been installed correctly, but if you know it has been, we suggest using a flame retardant topcoat.